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Photos from the 2019 Exposition are here.
Photos of students DOING their STEM Exhibitions are here.
The 2019
STEM Exhibition Program Book is available here (a BIG file).
Th elist of Honored Judges is here.
A list of the 2019
Sponsors and Donors is here.

International Science and Engineering Fair Representatives
Student Category - Title
Aneesh Anagha Biochemistry - Nanomedicine: A Study of Exosomal Endocytosis (Fourth Place Award in Biomedical Engineering)
Dhruv Bala Engineering Science - Vision Based Robot System
Mercy Oladipo Health Science - Saving Skin Year Two:  An Algorithmic Model
Kayla Huang Physics - K-edge Sulfur XANES Analysis
Illinois Junior Academy of Sciences Representatives
See the 2019 IJAS results and awards here.
Student Category
Michel Adelien Physics
Fariya Adil Behavioral Science
Sainabu Akinlolu Environmental Science
Malika Al-Safarini* Environmental Science
Aneesh Anagha Biochemistry
Alejandro Arellano Aero-Space Science
Abigail Arnashus^ Engineering Science
Shannon Assouline^ Computer Science
Dhruv Bala Engineering Science
Matthew Bell Chemistry
Caroline Bryan Chemistry
Kwam Byll Mathematics
Abigail Diemer Chemistry
Ewan Evans^ Environmental Science
Payton Fleming Botany
Natalia Goral Environmental Science
Robert Griffith Botany
Gabriella Hagen Health Science
Kayla Huang* Physics
Lillian Jirousek Mathematics
Abhishek Joshi Microbiology
Riya Joshi Environmental Science
Yuri Kolovos Engineering Science
Mouaad Lamsahel* Physics
Michael LeMasters Engineering Science
Steven Li^ Environmental Science
Amelie Liebhaber Botany
Tasnim Mahi^ Biochemistry
Omar Majzoub Aero-Space Science
Andrew Martin Physics
Isabel McGuigan Mathematics
Jayla Moore Botany
Jakob Nagy Biochemistry
Khansa Nasir Chemistry
Stoykof Nunez^ Materials Science
Mercy Oladipo^ Health Science
Maeghan O'Laughlin Environmental Science
Evelyn Olejniczak-Similio Behavioral Science
Elizabeth Perez Behavioral Science
Amalia Petropoulos Environmental Science
Michael Puczko^ Microbiology
Anel Reinoso* Engineering Science
Citlali Rizo Behavioral Science
Sofia Rogel^ Engineering Science
Artemis Rohrman Health Science
Gabriele Ron Engineering Science
Sophia Rowan Chemistry
Rishi Sandrana Electronics
Kristine Schoenecker Environmental Science
Amina Solangi* Physics
Jamar Sullivan Computer Science
Robert Szymczyk^ Environmental Science
Tanzanikia Taylor Environmental Science
Michelle Thran Earth Science
Leah Williams Physics
Yasmine Zmali-Meftah Biochemistry
*Participating in the Symposium only
^Participating in both the Symposium and the Exhibition

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