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2014 Theme

International Science and Engineering Fair Representatives
Marcelina Puc Biochemistry - Apoptotic Mechanism of Ag & Br on PC12
Marquise Walker 
Microbiology - Myoblast Encapsulation Novelty Gene Therapy
Guochuan Zhang Computer Science - Evolving Quantum Gomoku Engines
Weipeng Zhang Biochemistry - Colorectal Cancer: VDR Deficiency & Claudin 5

Illinois Junior Academy of Science Representatives



 Najah Ahsan Environmental Science
 Zahra Ahsan Environmental Science
 Sebastian Augusthy Zoology
 William Barclay Microbiology
 Anthony Bartley Microbiology
 Abeer Bershed Botany
 Christopher Bibat Engineering Science
 Benjamin Branda Microbiology
 Tania Brito Microbiology
 Wesley Chan Electronics
 Yujing Chen Chemistry
 Ayesha Choudhry Botany
 Christa Ciesil Behavioral Science
 Riley Cranston Engineering Science
 Imani Cunningham Chemistry
 Ben Dallek Physics
 John DeMastri Physics
 Claudia Drozd Chemistry
 Angelica Galvan Engineering Science
 Eros Garcia Engineering Science
 Veronica Garklavs Chemistry
 Yadid Gutierrez Health Science
 William Harper Engineering Science
 Bennett Hensey Physics
 Lourdes Hernandez-Salazar Chemistry
 Katie Holcomb Health Science
 Martin Jastrzebski Biochemistry
 Gersham Johnson Microbiology
 Ariel Jordan-Zamora Behavioral Science
 Stacy Lam Chemistry
 Hallie Leblebijian Health Science
 Lena Lu Mathematics
 Rileigh Luczak Microbiology
 Kamil Lungu Behavioral Science
 Samuel Lurye Mycrobiology
 Diana Maldonado Biochemistry
 Desai Manali Microbiology
 Rilla McKeegan Engineering Science
 Alex Mine Mathematics
 Neha Motwani Materials Science
 Geoffrey Nash Physics
 Arpad Neale Environmental Science
 Caitlin Nygren Behavioral Science
 Sarah Papirnik Chemistry
 Alexander Pei Physics
 Madeline Poole Chemistry
 Marcelina Puc Biochemistry
 Daniel Puczko Environmental Science
 Kristen Rigsby Engineering Science
 Amal Salem Materials Science
 Diana Trujillo Botany
 Alicia Urquizo Behavioral Science
 Sofia Valencia Aerospace
 Marquise Walker Microbiology
 Hayley Wallenfeldt Botany
 Samuel Wischnewsky Materials Science
 Emma Wu Chemistry
 Eric Xue Materials Science
 Hugh Yeh Essay
 Guochuan Zhang Computer Science
 Weipeng Zhang Biochemistry
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