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Effective beginning with the 2012-2013 Science Fair there is a new option of doing a design project rather than an experimental project.  
Click here for a comparison of the experimental vs. design project.

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* PROJECTS IN THESE CATEGORIES MAY NEED AN ENDORSEMENT(S).  See the appropriate sections of this site for clarification.

NOTE: For projects conducted in a university, hospital or research laboratory under the supervision of a Doctor, Professor or Scientist, endorsement(s) and supporting documents are NOVEMBER 11, 2020.  All other endorsements must be submitted in duplicate by November 17, 2020.

NOTE: Students who received an endorsement last year and are reusing their project may email a copy of their 2019/2020 endorsement and get it updated. They MAY NOT complete any new experimentation at HOME.  A NEW endorsement would only be for students who are able to complete their experimentation in a Bio-Safey Level 1 lab.

Endorsement requests MUST be made PRIOR to experimentation in order to ensure the safety of the test subject(s) and/or the scientist.  The project plans are reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee and, if safe, the endorsement is granted and the experiment may be carried out.  Permission to carry out an experiment CANNOT be given to one that has already been completed.

Endorsements must be signed and submitted by teacher sponsors ONLY.