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2007 Theme

International Science and Engineering Fair Representatives
Category & Project Title
Eva Feldman Environmental Science
A Biological survey of the Chicago River
Hadas Friedman Material Science
Plasmon Resonance of Gold-Coated Nanoshells
Terrence George Botany
Can We Put Greenhouses on the Moon
Julian Otis
Inhibition of Dimerization: Studies of CCR5

Illinois Junior Academy of Science Representatives
 Sara Abu-Ghnaim Chemistry
 Kenora Adams Behavioral Science
 Yekaterina Alferova Microbiology
 Rachel Barch Chemistry
 Faviola Camarena Engineering Science
 Freddy Canelo Chemistry
 Faris Cano Environmental Science
 Alan Cowen Biochemistry
 Elise Croteau-Chonka Zoology
 Anthony DeFrancisco Engineering Science
 Samantha Fansler Behavioral Science
 Chelsea Farmer Health Science
 Eva Feldman Environmental Science
 Hadas Friedman Materials Science
 Gahan Furlane Microbiology
 Terrence George Botany
 Molly Guenette Zoology
 Cameron Hitchcock Environmental Science
 Alexandria Holman Botany
 Shaun Humes Engineering Science
 Jarrett James Materials Science
 Allen Jiang Biochemistry
 Jasmine Jones Behavioral Science
 Yannan Kang Environmental Science
 Ekaterina Khramtsova Health Science
 Susan Kolber Zoology
 Marguerite Korenblit Health Science
 Taylor Kuehn Chemistry
 Katherine Lawlor Health Science
 Osvaldo Leon Behavioral Science
 Amy Li Chemistry
 Andrew Lionikis Environmental Science
 Briana Madden Mathematics
 Veronica Magdaleno Mathematics
 Tomas Manghi Biochemistry
 Grace Mattingly Environmental Science
 Magdalena Mitoraj Behavioral Science
 Amanda Montgomery Environmental Science
 Orlando Moreno Chemistry
 Izabela Murawel Health Science
 Zoe Netter Environmental Science
 Kevin Oliver Engineering Science
 Odmaa Otgontumur Chemistry
 Julian Otis Biochemistry
 Sandra Peters Microbiology
 Sebastian Prokuski Behavioral Science
 Elizabeth Rao Biochemistry
 Jose Raya Chemistry
 Justice Reed Computer Science
 Margarita Rivera Botany
 Muneer Rizvydeen Botany
 Saajidha Rizvydeen Environmental Science
 Alexandra Rojek Environmental Science
 Mariama Runcie Biochemistry
 Lily Ryan-Lozon Environmental
 Chen Shi Zoology
 Julia Sieth Zoology
 Ishmael Smith Botany
 Johnathan Snaidauf Botany
 Rebecca Strauss Health Science
 Edward Supan Biochemistry
 Kyle Swartz Health Science
 Hadieh Tazangi Biochemistry
 Leeron Tur-Kaspa Behavioral Science
 Alyssa Van Denburg Chemistry
 Vanessa Vincente Aero-Space Science
 Katherine Wong Physics

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