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Exhibit Design and Evaluation

For an in-person Exhibition
(see below for a virtual Exhibition)

The exhibit must not exceed dimensions of 61 cm (24") deep and 107 cm (40") wide. Build the exhibit no higher than 152 cm (60"). No overhang is allowed. If the scientific display exceeds the height limit, use photographs or other electronic means to show what has been done. No part of the project may be placed on the floor.

Construct your own exhibit; teachers and parents are to provide only the necessary guidance, encouragement, and constructive criticism.

Have a purpose and hypothesis for your project; they must apply to a definite scientific question. The reason for doing a research project is to make a significant contribution to the body of scientific knowledge or to solve a problem.


Keep the title of your project brief, captivating, and prominently visible on the exhibit. It may contain no more than 45 characters, including spaces. Titles in excess of 45 characters will be shortened to fit into available space on the entry form.

Make lettering neat and uncluttered. Make sure all words are spelled correctly.


Determine the best way to present the research. The presentation may include graphs, charts, posters, computer programs, and, ONLY IF YOUR PROJECT IS A DESIGN PROJECT, a demonstration of the apparatus and other components, provided the demonstration can be confined to your tabletop area and passes the safety inspection.  A brief video of your device can be used.  Attach a copy of your Abstract, Safety Sheet, and endorsement(s) (if necessary) to the front of your display board.  PowerPoint presentations should be used for virtual Exhibitions.

Be well versed in as many aspects of the project as possible.

Be enthusiastic about the project.

Prepare not only for direct questions pertinent to the research but also for related questions.

                    For a virtual Exhibition
Create a PowerPoint that includes your research paper, photos or videos of your research and your conclusions.