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Part Four: Awards

In addition to the awards of Gold, Silver, and Bronze, the following presentations will be made.


Special Awards and Tours

Companies and organizations offer special awards and tours to selected exhibitors. These awards are made on the basis of criteria established by the companies or organizations that provide judges. Judging in this category involves numerous diversified criteria and does not always correspond to the general evaluative judging all participants at the Citywide STEM Exhibition undergo. It should be noted that many of these awards are based on the subject matter of the project as well as its quality.  Some examples are here (If your organization is interested in sponsoring a special award or tour email Ruby Sheree Parnell-Booth at


Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Awards
These awards will be presented to 4 participants from the group of projects earning Gold awards. Four students will compete at the ISEF during the month of May.  In 2023 ISEF will take place in Dallas, Texas. Additional information on ISEF can be found on the ISEF Website.

Illinois Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) Awards
These awards will be presented to a total of 50 exhibitors and to 15 Symposium participants receiving a Gold award. Recipients of the IJAS awards will be eligible to compete in the statewide competition scheduled End of April 2023 at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Additional information can be obtained from the IJAS Web page: .


IJAS President’s Research Grant
Students can request reimbursement up to a maximum of $250 for expenses incurred from conducting research. Obtain an application from Science Support, (773) 553-6293. Due date is November 1.

ComEd 100 Achievement Awards
The ComEd 100 Annual Achievements in Science Award Program encourages young scientists (Grades 7–12) to complete a science project by exploring an area of interest. By working on science projects students will be able to learn more about a subject and possibly win a prize that will help in college. Students have an opportunity to win an IBM Laptop (with DID and MS Office); a $2,000 U.S. Savings Bond, or a PALM Package (with keyboard, carrying case, and dictionary card). For applications, contact the Black star Project at (312) 842-3527, or go to their Website: . Applications are also available from the Illinois Junior Academy of Science at (630) 773-2697 or go to the IJAS Website: .


Clean Water Awards
Clean Water Awards are presented at the Annual IJAS State Exposition to students whose projects best demonstrate the application of scientific methods in their research in an area relating to the Earth’s surface, underground, or atmospheric water environment. Possible areas of research include the effects of pollutants on water quality and public health; non-conventional or innovative processes for waste water or sludge treatment or disposal; and the effects of airborne pollutants on the water
environment. A Grand Prize will be given to the best project, including a U.S. Savings Bond and an invitation to present the project at an Annual Meeting of the Illinois Water Environment Association. Five Honorable Mention awards will also be issued.


U.S. Metric Association, Inc.

The U. S. Metric Association, Inc. will present awards to students who have done an outstanding job of using the metric system in their exhibits. The award for high school students is a $50 U.S. Savings Bond. The award for elementary school students is an achievement certificate.  See the inside back cover of the 2019 Science Fair Handbook for information about correct SI Metric System usage.

IJAS Cover Design Contest
Any student in Grades 7 through 12 is eligible to take part in the cover design contest. Students do not need to compete with a project, paper, or essay in local, area, or state science expositions to be eligible. All entries must be received at IJAS Cover Design c/o CPS Student Science Fair, Inc., P.O. Box 803945,  Chicago, IL 60680-3945 no later than than the date listed on the STEM Fair Calendar here.
This year the theme of the design entry is "It's Our Turn to Lead!". Use an 8½” X 11” sheet of white paper for each entry. Indicate the words Illinois Junior Academy of Science on your design entry. This should be large enough to be seen. Keep the design simple. Limit the color range to one or two colors. Please include the following information on the back of your entry: Your name, home mailing address, home phone number, school name, sponsor name, state region number (which is 3 for all Chicago public schools). The design committee will judge all entries. The top entries will be presented to the IJAS Student Officers, and the final voting will take place. The entries of the top 10 finalists will be displayed at the State Science Exposition in May, and the winning entry’s designer will receive a monetary award.