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2003 Theme

International Science and Engineering Fair Representatives
Category & Project Title
Claudia Areteaga
Environmental Science
Cell Cytotoxicity of HHA Drinking Water

Peter Friedman
Engineering Science
Efficiency of Magnetoplasma Dynamic

Sana Gafoor
Resistance Via Transition Metal Ion
Regulation: Cop-operon Expression
with Relevance to
Wilson and Menkes

Remi Korenblit
Quantification of Inflammatory Markers
CRP and HA: Investigating
Intervertebral Disc Regeneration with
OP-1 Folowing C-ABC Chemonucleolysis

Illinois Junior Academy of Science Representatives
 Samer Abdallah Computer Programming
 Ameen Abdulrasool Behavioral Science
 Frank Aguilar Behavioral Science
 Juan Alvarez Material Sciences
 Amill Anderson Biochemisty
 Shawnee Ardies Biochemisty
 Claudi Arteaga Environmental Sciences
 Xheni Basko Environmental Sciences
 Liz Born Zoology
 Jennifer Brown Behavioral Science
 Sheraz Butt Environmental Sciences
 Shamita Chaudhuri Biochemisty
 Tessa Colbrese Environmental Sciences
 Alexander Coologeorgen Environmental Sciences
 Kiara Daniel Botany
 Brian Davis Earth Sciences
 Jasmine Dowell Biochemisty
 Alexandra Esparza Biochemisty
 Peter Friedman Engineering Science
 Joshua Gaffen Health Sciences
 Sana Gafoor Microbiology
 Sehar Gafoor Health Sciences
 Lillian Galvez Environmental Sciences
 Thomas Graham Biochemisty
 Michelle Hochberg Environmental Sciences
 Moira Hodges Environmental Sciences
 Jas Hoellwarth Botany
 Anisa Isap Botany
 Adela Isovic Botany
 Alexis Johnson Chemistry
 Umar Khokhar Microbiology
 Joan Klekowicz Microbiology
 Gideon Klionsky Physics
 Marguerite Korenblit Health Sciences
 Remi Korenblit Biochemisty
 Jeffrey Kowar Health Sciences
 Nora Lambrecht Environmental Sciences
 Cesar Marquez Environmental Sciences
 Brid McDermott Material Sciences
 Gleb Medvedev Health Sciences
 Ian Melnick Computer Programming
 Magg O'Connell Health Sciences
 Lenka Osicka Health Sciences
 Ina Patel Engineering Science
 Farah Qadri Botany
 Justi Roediger Health Sciences
 Vale Shubinets Microbiology
 Andrew Stewart Engineering Science
 Linda Ta Chemistry
 Jonathan Tam Physics
 Sara Tarjan Biochemisty
 May Thazin Botany
 Marcin Tomkowiak Botany
 Denise Waite Chemistry
 Jenny Wu Zoology
 Eda Xian Botany
 Rachel Young Botany
 Alexander Zook Chemistry

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