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2005 Theme

International Science and Engineering Fair Representatives
Category & Project Title
Ameen Abdulrasool Behavioral Science
Prototype for Autonomy: Pathway
for the Blind
Daniel Blumenthal Microbiology
Pseudomonas Syringae vs. Tomato
DC3000 Effectors' Effects on Plant
Cells: Hypersensitive Response to
Michael Brandt Computer Science
The Prisoner's Dilemma
Gideon Klionsky Mathematics
Tactic Sabermetrics Handedness in

Illinois Junior Academy of Science Representatives
 Ameen Abdulrasool Behavioral Science
 Vaishak Babu Physics
 Marta Bahriy Chemistry
 Leo Bassett Environmental Science
 Daniel Blumenthal Microbiology
 Emily Blumenthal Health Science
 Liz Born Botany
 Sofiane Boukhalfa Material Science
 Michael Brandt Computer Science
 Lauren Brown Environmental Science
 Doan Bui Physics
 Jose Castellanos Environmental Science
 Aiaza Chaudhry Botany
 Rongjie Chen Environmental Science
 Megan Cleary Environmental Science
 Peter Contos Aero-Space Science
 Elsa Culler Mathematics
 Priyanka Deo Mathematics
 Michael Diaz Botany
 Eva Feldman Environmental Science
 Ian Feldman Engineering Science
 Yan Gao Environmental Science
 Samuel Gelfand Physics
 Andrea Gottstein Zoology
 Sakinah Haque Zoology
 Edgar Hernandez Microbiology
 Sandy Hernandez Botany
 Melissa High Material Science
 Vesselina Ivanova Environmental Science
 Ibrahim Kamal Chemistry
 Shaji Khan Biochemistry
 Gideon Klionsky Mathematics
 Gideon Klionsky Mathematics
 Alisa Kolodizner Botany
 Marguerite Korenblit Health Science
 Calvin Krogh Behavioral Science
 Katarzyna Kura Botany
 Anthony Ladson Behavioral Science
 Gabriela Lobato Biochemistry
 Midori Maeda Environmental Science
 Zachary Maher Material Science
 Cesar Marquez Health Science
 Monica Moore Behavioral Science
 Elizabeth Murphy Behavioral Science
 Catherine Norise Health Science
 Lasun Oladeji Health Science
 Michael O'Shea Behavioral Science
 Marlene Perez Behavioral Science
 Sophia Pilipchuk Botany
 Michael Piwowar Chemistry
 Yemisi Pleasant Chemistry
 Dexter Rietman Computer Science
 Sophie Rosenberg Biochemistry
 Nina Scalise Environmental Science
 Jeremy Shaver Aero-Space Science
 Luke Terrell Material Science
 Leeron Tur-Kaspa Behavioral Science
 Leen VanBesien Environmental Science
 Crystal Vance Zoology
 Jerry Wang Environmental Science
 Stephen Welty Aero-Space Science
 Karolina Wypyszewska Environmental Science
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