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2010 Theme

International Science and Engineering Fair Representatives
 Student  Category & Title
 Philippe Chlenski Chemistry - Protein  Assay Alternatives 
 Daniela Flax Physics - Efficiency of Thermoelectric Power Conversion
 Saad Nasser Computer Science - Locating Prostate Cancer Using Image Analysis
 Madeline Rollins Health Science - BV-2 Cell Response to Detrimental Stimuli

Illinois Junior Academy of Science Representatives
 Nida Ahmed Chemistry
 Najah Ahsan Environmental Science
 Zahra Ahsan Environmental Science
 Claire Auger Health Science
 Christian Bourdon Biochemistry
 Marta Budzikowska Biochemistry
 Philippe Chlenski Chemistry
 Beth Cholst Engineering Science
 Jesus Cisneros Mathematics
 Dantrell Cotton Chemistry
 Elad Deiss-Yehiely Microbiology
 Kelley Dugan Physics
 Daniela Flax Physics
 Brooke Gardner Chemistry
 Milton Garrett Microbiology
 Jennie Gauthier Biochemistry
 Jade Giordani Chemistry
 Muyuan Gong Botany
 Ernesto Gonzalez Behavioral Science
 Piotr Halon Environmental Science
 Naomi Harper Chemistry
 Celia Hensey Botany
 Joshua Hill Behavioral Science
 Robert Isaacson Aero Space Science
 Ariel Jordan-Zamora Biochemistry
 Kathrin Kajderowicz Behavioral Science
 Saad Khan Biochemistry
 Nicole Kuklinski Physics
 Clara Ledsky Mathematics
 Aaron Litoff Biochemistry
 Austin Maliszewski Computer Science
 Maria Manghi Biochemistry
 Alia McMurray Environmental Science
 Naomi Mine Physics
 Kayla Minor Chemistry
 Nora Molasky Botany
 Elliott Mondry Physics
 Brenda Munoz Health Science
 Eleanor Musick Microbiology
 Saad Nasser Computer Science
 Aparna Nutakki Microbiology
 Tulsi Patel Biochemistry
 Jonathan Perez Environmental Science
 Karen Perez Environmental Science
 Qadija Qadri Microbiology
 Devyn Rigsby Behavioral Science
 Stevie Rodriguez Health Science
 Madeline Rollins Health Science
 Fatima Sattar Botany
 Breanna Sullivan Botany
 Kyle Swartz Earth Science
 Ola Topczewska Zoology
 Margaret Tran Chemistry
 Gargi Vaghmare Physics
 Alex Villarreal Chemistry
 Leah Wallach Environmental Science
 Dwangoupa Wiphu Physics
 Mengyi Xu Health Science
 Allison Yonan Chemistry
 Grace Yoshiba Health Science
 Cooper Zajac Aero Space Science
 Linda Zhou Behavioral Science

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