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2008 Theme

International Science and Engineering Fair Representatives
Category & Project Title
 Eva Feldman Environmental Science
Pollution Indicators in the Chicago River
 Aiyang Jiang Biochemistry
The Role of PAK2DN on Cx43 Dephosphorylation
 Faraz Khan Health Science
Role of PDE4B4 in the Control of Hypertension
 Julia Schenk Behavorial Science
Sound Directionality

Illinois Junior Academy of Science Representatives
 Fatimah Askia Biochemistry
 Marta Bahriy Biochemistry
 Leah Balay-Wilson Chemistry
 Breanne Bradley Behaviorial Science
 Priscilla Chan Health Science
 Tiana Chan Materials Science
 Dantrell Cotton Chemistry
 Elsa Culler Mathematics
 Mike Daly Engineering Science
 Anthony DeFrancisco Engineering Science
 Samantha Fansler Behaviorial Science
 Chelsea Farmer Microbiology
 Eva Feldman Environmental Science
 Terrence George Botany
 Ashley Gonzalez Physics
 Leigh Hamp Microbiology
 Thomas Hayes Computer Science
 Breona Huff Biochemistry
 Shaun Humes Engineering Science
 David Jacobson Physics
 Christine Janci Health Science
 Aiyang Jiang Biochemistry
 Javier Jimenez Aero Space Science
 Faraz Khan Health Science
 Michaela Kiersch Environmental Science
 Emily Levison Environmental Science
 Victoria Lo Botany
 Estelle Lozano Behaviorial Science
 Maggie Mercurio Physics
 Laura Mueller-Soppart Physics
 John Mussman Computer Science
 Melissa Nelson Engineering Science
 Michelle Ng Microbiology
 Elizabet Ortiz Earth Science
 Karen Perez Environmental Science
 Michael Piemonte Aero Space Science
 Elizabeth Rao Behaviorial Science
 Akila Raoul Biochemistry
 Justice Reed Computer Science
 Derrick Rhodes Health Science
 Alexandra Rojek Chemistry
 Julia Schenk Behaviorial Science
 Natalia Soler Biochemistry
 David Tong Microbiology
 Manuel Valle Botany
 Mikchayel Watkins Environmental Science
 Karolina Wypyszewska Zoology
 Theodore Zajler Zoology
 Linda Zhou Behaviorial Science
 Erik Zuniga Chemistry

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