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Photos from the 2018 Exposition are here.
Photos of students DOING their STEM Exhibitions are here.
The 2018
STEM Exhibition Program Book is available here (a BIG file).
The list of Honored Judges is here.

International Science and Engineering Fair Representatives
Student Category & Project Title
Abigail Arnashus Engineering Sciences-The Light Move for Reptiles
Abhishek Joshi Microbiology-Effect of Temperature on Algal Photosynthesis
Mercy Oladipo Health Sciences-Saving Skin:  A Mobile Application
Daniel Vogwill Environmental Sciences-Effects of COR on Drought Stress in Zea Mays
Illinois Junior Academy of Sciences Representatives
See the 2018 IJAS results and awards here.
 Student Category
 Michel  Adelien Physics
 Uzair  Ahmed Aero-Space Science
 Abigail  Arnashus+ Engineering Science
 Natalia  Awisha Chemistry
Lauren Azar Essay
 Naomi  Bass Environmental Science
 Isabella  Blanco Behavioral Science
 Calvin  Brumfield Engineering Science
 Juan  Cardona Biochemistry
 Atenea  Chavez Physics
 James Parker Cole Botany
  Efrain Colunga Essay
 Fatoumata  Dioubate* Physics
 Ewan  Evans* Environmental Science
 Kristina  Fiedler Environmental Science
 Hazel Rose  Galvan+ Chemistry
 Natalia  Goral Environmental Science
 Linnea  Holcomb Engineering Science
 Ivy  Huang Environmental Science
 Abhishek  Joshi Microbiology
 Lauren  Karch Physics
 Sanjana  Kuchibhotla Environmental Science
 Desiree  Lara Health Science
 Julia  Lemanski* Biochemistry
 Steven  Li Environmental Science
 Jiayu  Liang Environmental Science
 Mia  Madrigal Microbiology
 Omar  Majzoub Aero-Space Science
 Zayd  Majzoub Physics
 Cavan  Malayter Physics
 Ivery  Marquez* Environmental Science
 Anna  McDorman Chemistry
 Isabel  McGuigan Mathematics
 Jasper  Montgomery Chemistry
 Stoykof  Nunez+ Materials Science
 Mercy  Oladipo+ Health Science
 Maeghan  O'Laughlin Environmental Science
 Lia  Pappas Physics
 Abigail  Pavesich Biochemistry
 Amalia  Petropoulos Environmental Science
 Abigail  Pio+ Materials Science
 Jonathan  Poole* Biochemistry
 Katarzyna  Puc+ Mathematics
 Chelsea  Puccia* Chemistry
 Daniel  Puczko+ Environmental Science
 Michael  Puczko+ Microbiology
 Dalena  Quach Chemistry
 Maxwell  Rejman Electronics
 Jeffrey  Ren* Aero-Space Science
 Maegan  Resuello Microbiology
 Emma  Robledo Botany
Sofia Rodriguez Physics
 Sofia  Rogel Engineering Science
 Selena  Salgado-Espino Microbiology
 Thomas  Serges Electronics
 Savi  Smith Microbiology
 Stefania  State Chemistry
 Robert  Szymczyk Environmental Science
 Donald  Tichy Botany
 Alexander  Vinarov+ Microbiology
Corina Vinarov Essay
 Daniel  Vogwill Environmental Science

+Students also presenting a symposium paper.
* Presenting in the Symposium only
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