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Note: The information and dates presenterd below is specific to the year of 2020-21, and the 2021 Chicago Student STEM Exhibition. Much of this information may change for the 2022 year and Exhibition.

NOTE:  The following forms and endorsements are for the 2021 STEM Exhibitions.  Please take every safety precautions associated with the prevention of the Covid Virus.

However, there is an exception for students who received an endorsement last year and are reusing their project may email a copy of their 2019/2020 endorsement and get it updated. They MAY NOT complete any new experimentation at HOME.  A NEW endorsement would only be for students who are able to complete their experimentation in a Bio-Safey Level 1 lab.

: For projects conducted in a university, hospital or research laboratory under the supervision of a Doctor, Professor or Scientist, endorsement(s) and supporting documents are
DUE NOVEMBER 11, 2020.  With the exception of the Use of Firearm endorsement, all other endorsements listed below must be submitted by November 22, 2020.
Endorsement requests MUST be made PRIOR to experimentation in order to ensure the safety of the test subject(s) and/or the scientist.  The project plans are reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee and, if safe, the endorsement is granted and the experiment may be carried out.  Permission to carry out an experiment CANNOT be given to one that has already been completed.
To insure that you are using the latest endorsement forms you should clear your browser's cache before viewing any of the endorsements.  (See these instructions.)

Most of the items may be submitted electronically (see below) and only one copy needs to be submitted.   HOWEVER, if they are printed and subsequently mailed in, TWO copies are required.
Regardless of the browser you are using, you should save the form and then open it with Adobe Reader X (or better), type in the information, save it again, print and sign it, scan it and then send the scanned image electronically by attaching it to an e-mail message.  Note that only one copy is needed if the form is submitted via e-mail.

Request for Non-Human Vertebrate Animal Endorsement [PDF]

Request for Humans as Test Subjects Endorsement [PDF]

Informed Consent Certification [PDF]

Request for Microorganism Endorsement [PDF]

Request of Recombinant DNA Endorsement [PDF]

Request for Human or Vertebrate Animal Tissue Endorsement [PDF]