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2016 Theme

Photos of the 2016 Fair and Participants are here.
See the WGN TV Noon News coverage here.
Hear the WBBM radio interview here.
Read about a student going to the International Science and Engineering Fair Here and Here.
Read the CPS Newsletter Science Fair article here.
The 2016 Program Book is here (a BIG file).
The list of Honored Judges is here.

International Science and Engineering Fair Representatives
Erica Anderson Environmental Science - Poop to Power
Emily Neeson Health Science - Diet and Exercise in Colon Cancer Development
Daniel Puczko Environmental Science - The Effect of Mixed Cultures on Microbial Fuel Cells
Nova Xu Engineering Science - Combating Dust Storms with Wiper Mechanism

Illinois Junior Academy of Science Representatives
 Marlene Alanis Behavioral Science
 Isabella Altenbach Electronics
 Aneesh Anagha Microbiology
 Fizza Arif Microbiology
 Kristoffer Balintona Microbiology
 Anthony Bartley Microbiology
 Ena Basic Chemistry
 Abeer Bershed Botany
  Eleni Bethke * Environmental Science
 Bhavin Bhatt Physics
 Alianna Bulanhagui Botany
 Gwendolen Casey Environmental Science
 Mohammed Chisti Physics
 Colette Conway *  Physics
 Benjamin Dallek Chemistry
 Catalina Dinescu Microbiology
 Anusha Ebrahim +
 Josue Estrada *  Chemistry
 Beatrice Farb Mathematics
 Jane Fenske-Newbart Zoology
 Hazel Rose Galvan +
Materials Science
 Veronica Garklavs Chemistry
 Malia Gehrenbeck Health Science
 Kiana Gomez Botany
 Josemanuel Hernandez +
Environmental Science
 Kayla Huang Physics
 Lilian Le Mathematics
 Taeyun Lee Mathematics
 William Li +
 Cynthia Lund +
 Omar Majzoub Physics
 Matthew McColgan Mathematics
 Cristian Molina *  Microbiology
 Sheilly Moreno Health Science
 Hanna Mularczyk Mathematics
 Van Myers Engineering Science
 Emily Nash Earth Science
 Phuong Thanh Nguyen Biochemistry
 Stoykof Nunez *  Environmental Science
 Mercy Oladipo Physics
 Joushua Padilla Mathematics
 Joseph Palomares Microbiology
 Abigail Pio *  Microbiology
 Zachary Plumley Physics
 Kathy Podobinska Chemistry
 Madeline Poole Microbiology
 Megan Riordan Physics
 Maansey Rishi Computer Science
 Octavio Sanchez *  Mathematics
 Gabriel Tavas Engineering Science
 Abigail Torres Health Science
 Zachary Tuite +
 Charlie Turner Materials Science
 Sam Wischnewsky +
Computer Science
 Nicholas Xu Computer Science
 Karol Zajac Chemistry
 Guochuan Zhang Computer Science
 HaoTing Zhang Engineering Science
+ Students also presenting a Symposium paper
* Student ONLY presenting a Symposium paper
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