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2004 Theme

International Science and Engineering Fair Representatives
Student Category & Project Title
Ameen Abdulrasool Behaviorial Science
GPS Navigation Means of Travel
for the Blind
Shamita Chaudhuri
Gene Survival in Breast Cancer
Sehar Gafoor
Health Sciences
S100B Induced INOS: Relevance
to Alzheimer's
Cesar Marquez
Health Sciences
Effect of PHT on Trap Activity:

Illinois Junior Academy of Science Representatives
 Ameen Abdulrasool Behavioral Science
 Jose Acevedo Material Sciences
 Xheni Basko Environmental Sciences
 Daniel Bauler Behavioral Science
 Daniel Blumenthal Microbiology
 Jennifer Brown Behavioral Science
 Laura Byrne Botany
 Whitney Carter Health Sciences
 Aiaza Chaudhry Botany
 Shamita Chaudhuri Biochemistry
 Irene Chin Environmental Sciences
 Alexander Coologeorgen Environmental Sciences
 Brian Davis Earth Sciences
 Emily Dosmar Zoology
 Aleksandar Dragas Computer Science
 Alexandra Esparza Health Sciences
 Ian Feldman Engineering Science
 Gary Foster Health Sciences
 Gahan Furlane Behavioral Science
 Sehar Gafoor Health Sciences
 Lillian Galvez Environmental Sciences
 Yan Gao Environmental Sciences
 Gabriel Gaster Mathematics
 Samuel Gelfand Physics
 Andrea Gottstein Zoology
 Mingzhu He Biochemistry
 Enal Hindi Health Sciences
 Michelle Hochberg Environmental Sciences
 Dara Hoppe Environmental Sciences
 Rickey Hoskins Health Sciences
 Rhianna Jones Health Sciences
 Samuel Jones Aero-Space Sciences
 Shaji Khan Physics
 Alisa Kolodizner Botany
 Marguerite Korenblit Health Sciences
 Lauren Koziel Environmental Sciences
 Angela Lepkowski Botany
 Diane Liu Environmental Sciences
 Blerta Lumani Health Sciences
 Zachary Maher Material Sciences
 Mary Marcos Botany
 Cesar Marquez Health Sciences
 Garcon Morweh Botany
 Michal Murdza Zoology
 Lasun Oladeji Health Sciences
 Michael O'Shea Behavioral Science
 Daniel Ramirez Environmental Sciences
 Flor Revolorio Health Sciences
 Rosie Schreiber-Stainthorp Botany
 Joseph Siegel Behavioral Science
 Zlatena Stankova Botany
 Cody Sykes Botany
 Marcin Tomkowiak Botany
 Sigourney Torres Behavioral Science
 Omar Turay Behavioral Science
 Jerry Wang Environmental Sciences
 Stephen Welty Aero-Space Sciences
 Dainya Wesley Earth Sciences
 Rachel Young Botany
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