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This page is designed to provide links to data provided by various researchers along with some examples of data analysis through the use of the latest computer programs. 

The lists below will be expanded as our Educational and Industrial partners provide data and analysis suggestions.

It will STILL be the STUDENT'S responsibility to determine  how to use the data for a project.

A video of an analysis process by Prof. Mike Davis of Truman College is available here.

The following data source is provided by Prof. Mike Davis of Truman College:
The Towed Vehicles data set for the past 90 days used as an example in the above video is here (over 4,000 vehicles!).  Once you have the data, use Excel to see what Make, Color, and Day they were towed on.  This could lead to some interesting results and some more interesting questions.  For all Chicago City data, go to
(More data sources and suggestions will be added as they become available.)