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Parental tips, hints and resources
        (PowerPoint or PDF - all LARGE files)
2019/2020 Science Fair Central presentation at NEIU (PDF)
Parent's Guide to the Science Fair (PDF-English)
Parent's Guide to the Science Fair (PDF-Spanish)

Financial resources:

Project planning and implementation:

Entry guidelines:

Endorsements must be signed and submitted by teacher sponsors ONLY

    • Request for Non-Human Vertebrate Animal Endorsement [PDF]
    • Request for Humans as Test Subjects Endorsement [PDF]
    • Informed Consent Certification [PDF]
    • Request for Microorganism Endorsement [PDF]
    • Request of Recombinant DNA Endorsement [PDF]
    • Request for Human or Vertebrate Animal Tissue Endorsement [PDF]

Science Fair help sites provided by local Universities:

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