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There are many other ways that an individual or corporation can support the Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair.  Listed below are just a few:
  • Fill out and return our Contribution form.
  • If you would be willing to volunteer to directly help students with a project they are working on, please fill out and send in the Advise-A-Student form.
  • If your background is in science and/or mathematics and you are NOT a CPS employee, become a judge for the City Science Fair on Friday, March 18, 2016.  Just fill out this 'new judge' form and send it in.
  • Help with the Symposium & Essay Reading workshop in January  2018 from 9am to 3pm.   Details and the signup form are here.
  • If you were a student in the Science Fair, please join the Alumni Association.
  • Although this year's regional Science Fairs are completed, please volunteer to judge or work at one of the 2018 Area Science Fairs.  See the 2017 Regional Fair Info for the 2017 schedule.
  • Consider volunteering to help with one or more of our activities.
  • Sponsor a Special Award or Tour.
  • Sponsor one of our activities.
  • Donate to the Scholarship fund. (The Contribution form is here)
  • Donate to the Operating Fund. (The Contribution form is here)
  • Attend one of our fund raisers.
For additional details and opportunities, check our Sponsorship pageContribute page or Information Brochure.  (Note: to properly print the Information Brochure as a trifold, set the Adobe Print menu to 'Custom Scale, 100%', not to 'Actual Size' and 'Orientation' to Landscape.)

Contact Luba Johnson (
ljohnson131@cps.edu) for more information  on any of these opportunities.

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