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The Organizational Handbook of the Chicago Public Schools STEM Exhibition has been prepared for administrators, coordinators, and teachers in the Chicago Public Schools. This handbook presents background information about the organizational structure and functions of this educational program. This program is designed to assist students who wish to become exhibitors of projects and/or symposium/ essay participants in the Chicago Public Schools Student STEM Exhibition.

In the fall of 1950, a group of physics teachers founded the Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair and presented the first fair in the spring of 1951. The purpose of the fair was to serve as a vehicle to encourage independent research and to offer the opportunity for students to have their research projects evaluated by university and industrial scientists. The activities of this educational program came to the attention of the business community and the officials of the Museum of Science and Industry. As a result, technical assistance and financial support were offered, and incorporation of the organization followed. The organization was chartered in the State of Illinois as a nonprofit corporation. Agreement was made by the business community that a different business organization would co-sponsor the science fair each year.

Over the years Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair, Inc., has diversified its operation and has developed a variety of specialized programs to better serve the students of the Chicago Public Schools. Teachers and principals, together with their counterparts from the business community, serve as coordinators and chairpersons of numerous committees at various levels of activity.

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