Brief Biographies of the Scholarship Honorees
The Biographies below are still a work-in-progress.
If you have any additional information about any of them, please send it to roy@cpsscifair.org
Luba Johnson
Luba Johnson started as an elementary/middle school science teacher. She went on to become the CPS Area Science Coordinator.  Luba loved education and science and shared that love with all of the students she worked with.  Luba was a long time Science Fair supporter and worker holding various positions and tirelessly used her talents to support CPS students and educators in various STEM activities. Among her many positions with CSSf, she was Regional Science Fair Coordinator, Treasurer, CPS Liaison, laison with the city-wide host institution,  Executive Director, Safety Committee, Scholarship Committee, Symposium
Coordinator and liaison of both ComEd and Peoples Gas Science Clubs.  Luba was the Publications committee chairperson and oversaw the production and publication of all of the printed materials including the Handbook, the Regional Program books, the the City-wide Program book and the endorsements, to name a few.
Luba's enthusiasm, encouragement, passion and life-long commitment to education inspired everyone she touched. She was also a valued friend to many.
See the tribute to Luba Johnson that was aired on ABC 7 Chicago here.

Dolores Rosenbaum
Dolores  became the fund raiser for CSSF in the 1980s and continued for about 10 years.  She raised tens of thousands of dollars and numerous university scholarships each year and devoted hundreds of hours to CSSF.  In addition, she started and ran "Friends of Science Fair", a committee of one that sold memorabilia to students and family members during the Fair.  Between 1965 and 2010 she was an active behind the scene participant and a big help to many of the committees. Dolores was the wife of one of the first exhibitors in the debut 1951 fair.

Harold Kiehm
Harold Kiehm was a long time biology teacher at and Principal of Von Steuben H. S. He served MANY years on CSSF committees & all of the officer positions, including Executive Chair. Harold created some of the CSSF committees and always looked for ways to improve the operation of the Fair.  He introduced computers to the judging and operation of the Fair in the early 1980's; before most of us knew how to turn one on.  Harold was the Treasurer of the Science Fair for many years. He also was the IJAS Chair for a number of years.  Harold was active in several organizations including the Illinois Biology Teachers Association, the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) and several local conservation clubs.  He chaired the NABT National Convention  in Chicago in the early 1970's.

Geri Blakley
Geri Blakely was a teacher at Hyde Park High School and was a Teacher on Loan to Argonne National Laboratory.  She resumed her career with CPS as a coordinator to the Chicago Systemic Initiative.  She served the Science Fair in the capacity as the head of Special Awards and Tours for many years along with  Research Grant Chair and Communications & Credentials Chair.  She also served a term as Executive Chair.

Ray Readus
Ray Readus was a Biology teacher at Lane Tech.  He served the Science Fair as the Exhibits Chair for many years.  He gladly aided many other committees with he logistics involved with the City-wide fair.  Mr. Readus passed away in a tragic fire in his home.

Allen Nelson
Allen Nelson was a teacher at a Beverly area elementary school.
He became the  chairman of the Exhibits Committee after Ray Readus and, for many years, served on a number of other committees.  As such, he handled logistics (deliveries, distribution, materials, etc.) of CSSF keeping everyone well supplied with the things that make for a successful Fair.  In addition, he was always available to help other committees whenever there was a need.
See the tribute to Allen Nelson that appeared in the 2009 Science Fair Program book here.

William E. & Loraine T. Meyer

Barbara Bulmash
Barbara Bulmash was a biology teacher at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center for many years.  Among the official positions she occupied for the Science Fair over an extended period was that of co-chair of the publications committee which produced the various handbooks as well as the annual fair Program Book.  In addition, Barbara unofficially worked with the Exhibits and Awards and a number of other committees.

Nancy Toomey
Nancy Toomey was a biology teacher at Lindblom Technical High School. She served as Chair on the Scientific Review Committee, the Safety Committee as well as handling endorsements for all biological, human and animal experimentation.  She also served on the Arrangements and IJAS committees along with helping any other committee that needed an extra hand..

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