CPS Volunteer Judge Level II Approval Process

2019 Regional Fairs

Please note that CPS policy now mandates that ALL prospective judges be approved Level II Volunteers.
(Read the CPS volunteer policy here.) 

NOTE: If you were approved for the STEM Exhibition at Illinois Tech you DO NOT need to be re-approved.

The process is relatively innocuous for STEM Exhibition judges as you WILL NOT need to provide fingerprints.

  Complete and submit the CPS Approval check found here by following these steps:
  • Complete all questions
  • For "School/Organization" type in "Academic Competitions" and, when the drop-down shows "Academic Competitions", press Select
  • For "Volunteer Type" select "Level II"
  • When asked "Are you volunteering to coach?" answer "NO"
  • When asked "Type of volunteer?" select "Corporate/Professional Volunteer"
  • When asked "I am interested in volunteering in?" select "Competition Judge"
  • When asked "Are you volunteering for a specific day/overnight trip or school club?" select "NO"
  • Since approval may take up to 14 days, please complete and submit this application by March 2, 2020.  You will be notified when you are approved.

If you are a new judge applying for the first time you also need to fill out the 'New Judge' form found here and send it to the address at the bottom of the form. 

The CPS Student Science Fair, Inc. and the 2020 STEM Exhibition truly thanks you for your time, understanding and continued support.