The Chicago Public Schools’ Student STEM Exhibition


Section 2.1 Mission

The mission of the Corporation is to foster Science Technology Engineering and Math (“STEM”) education among Chicago Public Schools

(“CPS”) students by serving as a catalyst for the development of a cadre of -STEM literate students; empowering these students to engage in science and engineering practices; and providing these students with a public forum to present and have their work evaluated by professionals in specialized fields of study.


Section 2.2 Purpose

The purpose shall be to promote the STEM interests of CPS students through the various programs and activities supported by the Corporation.

Section 2.3 Objectives

The objectives of the Corporation shall be to:

  1. provide opportunities and support for students to conduct authentic STEM research;

  1. expose students to diverse STEM learning communities;

  1. obtain scholarships for select CPS graduating seniors;

  1. foster an enduring interest in STEM research and design grounded in the science and engineering practices within the CPS community;

  1. promote STEM interests and hobbies of students to support career and college readiness.

  1. conduct an annual exhibition of student STEM research (science fair, symposium and essay contest).

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